Creativity has consistently been a source of strength for me. My objective is to harmonize social entrepreneurship and artistic pursuits, emphasizing human rights and children’s rights within the realm of social entrepreneurship. In the sphere of artistry, my expression encompasses both visual art and music.


Freedom is what propels me to wake up every morning. I am compelled by the belief that every child, every individual, deserves to experience true freedom. Freedom from prejudice and discrimination. Everyone deserves a fair chance to pursue their dreams in life and attain a deeper understanding of their inner selves and purpose on this journey and on this planet. I have had the privilege of meeting many of Sweden’s decision-makers to remind them of human rights and the equal worth of all individuals.

 “Be the best version of yourself in everything” is the motto that propels me forward. I firmly believe that every individual possesses the ability to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. That’s why I cherish knowledge and never cease to let myself be inspired. Each day is a new opportunity for me to evolve and better understand my purpose on this planet and in this life. “Be the best version of yourself in everything” is not just a motto; it’s a guiding principle for me.


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