Idag försöker jag balansera socialt entreprenörskap och konstnärskap. Därför driver gärna jag projekt som främjar mänskliga rättigheter och barns rättigheter men även konstnärliga projekt inom bild, musik eller film. Jag är grundaren och projektledare av föreningen Swedish Human Rights Projekt som har i syfte att driva olika projekt som ska stärka mänskliga rättigheter.  

For as long as I can remember, curiosity has been an inherent part of my nature. It’s my curiosity that has rendered me incredibly versatile. It was purely by chance that I developed my talent for art, but I am eternally grateful for it. Art deepened my understanding, enhanced my empathy, and fortified my patience. It instilled in me a profound respect for nature and life. My curiosity grew stronger, which is why I cherish diversity and different world cultures. Over time, I came to understand the power of a positive attitude towards life and how everything around me contributes to greater creativity and joy. There are no problems, only solutions. I honed the ability to quickly understand people, especially those who hadn’t cultivated their creative side. These individuals often found themselves stuck in negativity and problems instead of seeing solutions. Creating something that doesn’t exist yet is one of the most fantastic feelings one can experience in this life. That’s why I encourage others to explore and discover their creativity as much as possible. Consequently, I’ve often been the one who saw opportunities when others perceived impossibilities. While others saw despair, I saw hope. When others gave up, I found the strength to persist. I firmly believe that I’m not inherently better than anyone else, but I can always strive to be a better version of myself tomorrow. Everyone possesses an inner strength to achieve their dreams, and everyone can express their creativity in their unique way. It’s just a matter of daring to take the first steps. So, my question to you is: What is holding you back from realizing your dreams?


" It feels fantastic to be one of the 99 most powerful Swedes of the future in 2017 "

– 2017 Award 99 future most powerful Swedes by TCO

– 2017 Nominated for the King’s Foundation Young Leadership Award.

– 2016 Nominated for the King’s Foundation Young Leadership Award.

– 2016 Nominated for the Martin Luther King Award

– 2015 Nominated for the Diversityindex Diversity Award

" It feels fantastic to be one of the 99 most powerful Swedes of the future in 2017 "

– 2015 Nominated for the King’s Foundation Young Leadership Award.

– 2015 Award 100 Swedish inspirers.

– 2015 Award “The Company Against Prejudice”

– 2014 Nominated for Swedish Heroes by Aftonbladet.

– 2014 Award Raoul Wallenberg prize.

"Samarbeten med positiva människor är avgörande för framgång"


–  2018 Sweden’s first app against racism called “REALITY CHECK” by Teaskedsorden
– 2017 Consultant as cultural expert for the children’s book “Annalisa”
– 2016 International Conference Tunisia
– 2016 Manu’s collaborator for a short film “Den blomstertid nu comer at Bauta film AB
–  2016Founded Swedish Human Rights Project
– 2016 Founded Stronger Together
– 2016 The Norwegian Board of Institutions. Project manager for an image and photo project.
– 2016 Exhibition at the Mall of Scandinavia about the history of the Romans.
– 2016 Part of Reach For Change
– 2015 Project manager to increase knowledge about Roma, Köping Municipality
– 2015 Collaboration and reference group in Norrköping municipality to promote Roma inclusion.
– 2015 Speech in front of 5000 participants Norrmanstorg
– 2015 The “Peace Ring” project 3000 participants and the Prime Minister participated as one of the speakers.
– 2015 Trust assignment as Roma expert for the Government.
– 2015 Travel to UN Switzerland Geneva with Young Minority
– 2015 International meeting in Oslo about Norwegian Roma together with Young Minority Sweden
– 2015 Conference for “Future generation leaders in Europe” Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
– 2015 Personal invitation with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at a rose bath.
– 2014 International Roma Conference in Madrid, Spain
–  2015 Trips to Auschwitz. Together with Aftonbladet and Umaf.
-2014 Nominated for Swedish Hjältar by Aftonbladet.
-2014 Kippavandring in Stockholm
-2014 Invitation and trip to the Swedish embassy in Hungary to give a speech.
– 2014 Founded Save The Roma Children
– 2014 Travel to a Roma city Skopje Macedonia. Sutorizari.
– 2014 The assignment/project to change the racist name of sausages in Stockholm (Read more here).
– 2014 The assignment/project to change the racist name in Köping “Zigenarbacken”.
– 2014 Cooperation with the Police department, the Hate Crimes Group in Stockholm.
2014 International Conference on Police Profiling in Belfast Northern Ireland. Sent by Civil Rights Defenders to represent Sweden.


Speech at Norrmalmstorg for about 5,000 participants


Speech on Raoul Wallenberg square in front of at least 3000 participants.

"Dare to take the first step to achieve your dreams? The first step is always the hardest"


– 2017  (Ongoing) Founder and Chairman of the “Swedish Human Rights Project”

– 2017  Founder and project manager Stronger Together

– 2013-2016  Founder and chairman Unga Romer

– 2013 (Ongoing) Founder and Chairman Save The Roma Children


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